Happiness Is Attractive Network on ROKU!

We are excited to announce, Happiness is Attractive (HIA) Network will be on ROKU. This network will be showcasing TV shows, Concerts, Podcast Shows, Sports and everything related to Beauty, Health and Wealth.

What Is The Network About?

We bring Professionals of all backgrounds together right at your fingertips on the leading streaming platform. H.I.A. Network, will help creative professionals, extend brand awareness further, reach more viewers, gain more business, connect with a wider range audience.

What Types Of Professional Categories Are We Looking For?

We are currently look for the following:
1. Beauty
2. Health/Fitness
3. Mental Health
4. Nutrition
5. Wealth
6. Sports
7. Podcast Shows
8. TV Shows
9. Music/Live Events

How Can I Apply To Be On The Network?

You can apply by filling out the HIA ROKU Application. 

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