Desiree Bejines

A few words from our founder

“Life begins at 40, my mom told me” says Desiree Bejines, the CEO/Founder of Happiness Is Attractive, an organization dedicated to helping women along the journey of life.

For Desiree, the last 18 years have been a testament to her mother’s statement. She has continued to make moves in her life that would lead her to an understanding of the pursuit of true happiness.

Growing up, Desiree always knew there was more in store for her out in the world. At age 22, Desiree found herself working at Lockheed Martin. She received her Bachelors in Organization Development at the University of San Francisco while also working full time. It wasn’t until volunteering at Stanford Hospital and taking classes for her MBA in Health Care Administration did she feel a real passion for helping others. Desiree knew that was her calling she wanted to serve the community further. She was then hired at Stanford permanently and dropped out of the Master’s program. While assisting the clinic administrative outreach program for Stanford, she was also raising her son.

Time with her son was limited due to her busy work schedule and long commute. She found herself unable to spend that precious time she longed for with her 5-year-old Aiden. She was unhappy and knew she had to make changes, so once again she went in search for an opportunity to make her life the best it could be. In 2014, she left Stanford Hospital to become a full-time independent financial services specialist, teaching others the power of entrepreneurship and financial wisdom. The next 5 years while pursuing entrepreneurship, through speaking with numerous women she noticed that many of them were in search of mentorship, meaningful networking, and a strong support system. This led her to her next venture and in January 2019 she launched this platform for women to work together and grow together. Joining happiness with beneficial relationships is her goal.


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